Planning the Perfect Pub or Bar Crawl

The concept of bar hopping has been around since taverns, night clubs and other after-hour hot spots have been in existence.

Bopping around from one venue to the next has grown into a planned experience hitting up all the best spots in one extended journey. These pub crawls began in Britain with a number of businesses in close proximity banding together to offer specials for wandering drinkers of adult beverages. The trend quickly spread to the states and began exploding in big cities like New York and San Francisco.

As an organizer of one of these events, planners should prepare to offer their mobile drinking partners the best possible experience when going from pub point A to bar location B, cocktails at club C, etc. Here are some significant suggestions to consider when plotting a course for partiers crawling from place-to-place.

We’ll skim over the obvious tasks of planning the route in advance, ensuring there’s plenty of food and water available along the way and get right down to the nitty-gritty. 

Mixology and Technology

Although we just mentioned going from a pub to a bar and then a cocktail venue, unfortunately, this isn’t a very good idea. It’s important that plotters of these parties remember mixing different types of alcohol may lead to kneeling before the porcelain potty which is always unpleasant.

When it comes to technology, encourage guests to put devices aside in pockets or purses, but definitely bring them along in case of emergency or becoming separated from the crawl. They’re also great to have on hand for those selfies, videos and pictures of shots or shots of pitchers but shouldn’t be omnipresent as a continuous distraction.

A Theme with a Scheme

Attaching a theme to your traveling party scene is almost paramount for success. For added fun consider putting competition into place or challenge participants in some way associated with the event. Competition and drinking go hand-in-hand when you consider pool tables, dart boards, even karaoke concerts available at these venues as a way for attendees to outshine their fellow attendees. 

Give a Heads Up

Ensure your event is a success by giving the locations a heads up your party is heading for their locations on a specific date, at an approximate time and the number of participants. Tying into the theme concept, when your crawling partners in crime will be consuming a certain selection of craft beers, sipping on cocktails in common or taking shots of a specific brand, this way the venue will have enough of these liquids on hand.

For larger groups, some of these spots may set aside an area for you and your guests to imbibe with pride. Perhaps they’ll bring on extra staff to accommodate your crowd so be sure to tip your server and bartender. Cheers to you and your crew having the best crawl experience possible!

Having a Great Time at Karaoke Night

Everybody likes to sing, and karaoke night gives you the opportunity to belt out some of your favorites, with or without friends.

The term “karaoke” comes from a combination of the Japanese words for “empty” and “orchestra” — meaning, songs without vocals. In the early 1970s, a Japanese drummer invented the karaoke machine that could play these musical tracks, and the experience of singing popular songs in bars became widespread in the 1980s. The singing pastime has become so well-known and popular that people around the world celebrate National Karaoke Week in April.

There’s even a Karaoke World Championships, held since 2003. Last year’s sing-off was held in Helsinki and featured singers from 13 countries.

What Do You Need to Do Karaoke?

Karaoke singers typically fall into two groups: Those who go out seeking karaoke, and those who find themselves at a bar where it’s offered and decide to participate. While some more structured karaoke venues promote the use of costumes and props, most are more laid-back. You don’t need anything except your voice and your courage to perform in front of others.

The host of the karaoke must have the music tracks without voices to play. This used to require a specialized machine that played CDs, but today most karaoke tracks are played via computer and no special equipment is needed. Software services exist that provide the tracks for a monthly fee. Depending on how large your venue is, you will likely need microphones and a sound system to ensure performers’ voices are as clear as possible. After all, listening to others do their best is a big part of the fun.

Choosing the Right Song

With such a wide variety of songs available as karaoke tracks, the toughest part of doing karaoke is choosing what to sing. The best songs for karaoke are well known, upbeat and don’t pose significant challenges like super high notes. Pick short songs that don’t drag on. It’s also best if there are not long gaps without words in the song, so you won’t be standing awkwardly in front of the crowd without singing.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Karaoke

These days, bars around the U.S. compete to see who can come up with the most wacky karaoke options. Some karaoke bars offer private rooms so you can keep your off-key warbling to your own group, while others add live bands, costumes and even strippers to the experience.

Karaoke in all styles is just plain fun. Whether it’s a night out to a full-fledged karaoke bar, a trip to the stage at your favorite watering hole or a fun home party with friends, anyone can have a good time singing.