Nature & Relaxation Meet at Outdoor Yoga

While yoga is a personal experience unique to each individual, taking it to the great outdoors heightens the senses bringing it to a whole new life.

There’s more to the outdoor yoga experience than you may have realized. 

Where it all Began

Yoga Six tells us that the earliest signs of yoga come from stone carvings found in India dating to approximately 3,000 BC. The practice began as part of a spiritual journey. But what began spiritually has over time become known for its ability to improve physical and mental health. Today the practice of yoga has spread across the entire world. It is now seen by many as a way to lose weight and sculpt the body, live a healthier lifestyle, and lower levels of stress. Different methods and environments including outdoor yoga have been developed in the evolution of yoga. When you walk through a park or take a stroll on the beach, you are very likely to see one or more people enjoying the practice of outdoor yoga. 

How is it Different? 

While most yoga is done indoors, taking it outside is easy to accomplish and provides a lot of added benefits. Sara Panagiotopoulou tells us in Yogi Approved that the fresh air you get from being outdoors allows your body to create more white blood cells, thus improving your immune system. Being outdoors also has a way of putting your mind in a very specific place where you can connect to the sounds of nature as you perform the practice of yoga. This purposeful connection of the body to nature can really help lower stress levels and provide added physical and mental health benefits. 

Finding the Best Places

Just watch this YouTube video on the Yoga with Adriene channel where she is performing outdoor yoga on a beach. It provides the perfect opportunity for peace and tranquility. Those looking for outdoor yoga experiences in cities large and small will have no trouble either. New York City Central Park offers a number of outdoor yoga classes, and Chicago residents even have the chance to do outdoor yoga at a beach setting. One review of Beach Yoga Chicago said it best by writing: “What a wonderful community to be a part of. I mean it’s Yoga on the Beach!”